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What is Learning and Improving Andalusia Through Science?

`Learning and Improving Andalusia Through Science´ is a project of Fundación Descubre for community initiatives aimed at improving the environment through science and innovation and co-funded by FECYT. This project consists of a research and innovation action to implement a methodology based on initiatives involving the whole community to seek the active participation of society to respond to a problem of the environment through science.

The goals of `Learning and Improving Andalusia Through Science´ are to:

Bring science to society through the community

Raise awareness about the importance of science in improving the environment

Show to the society the applicability of science in their daily lives

Raise awareness about the practices that respect the environment

Involve different sectors of the community in a collaborative scientific project, and directly related to their immediate environment

Encourage the active participation of the community in a process of improvement and recovery of their environment from a scientific project

How do I participate?

From the detection and description of a problem of the environment, the people who work in `Learning and Improving Andalusia Through Science´ project will make a proposal to improve with the help of science. The design and implementation of these initiatives must be carried out in community, with the participation of different social actors (educational community, citizens’ associations, local and regional public institutions, cultural institutions, NGOs, etc.), since the essence this project is science in and for society. Every initiative has to develop a strategic action plan in the environment for the implementation of improvements through science. Each initiative must be supervised by a scientific adviser and coordinated by a qualified member of the town / city where it develops. At the end, each participant initiative would show a final product (audio-visual).

Requirements to participate (In Spanish)

What is the support of the Fundación Descubre?

Fundación Descubre offers:
– An online course for people interested in coordinating these projects to facilitate the training necessary to carry them out successfully.
– The GuíaExperta, a network of experts to provide scientific advice to the projects.
– Supporting in the communication of the projects and a section on the web for each community.
– Resources (exhibitions activities, Coffee with Science, Scientific cinema cycles, etc…) to reinforce the presentation of the final product of the project to all participants who request it.

Please, contact with us to more information.