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20 Jan '21 0

Validating actions: Workgroups looking for our final Decalogue

Since few months ago, all social agents involved in this exciting project, guided by our experts, have been developing many actions to promote the neurodevelopment and to prevent the early cognitive deterioration. At this moment, we have proposed a pre-evaluation of those actions, since the point of view from different scopes: actions promoted by and for childhood; actions designed by and for our teenagers; and actions promoted by the children but addressed to the elderly people. In this sense, we have revisited the scientific information [that we] gathered in our neuropills, and our proposals agree with our neuropsychologist team.

Several workgroups have started to work in order to make conclusions that could be validated by the scientific community in the next stage of our citizen science project. As you can see, the work is intense and there are many ideas on the table in order to make real our prototype of a Neuroactive City. Here[, there] are some pictures which show you different moments of this work stage.

Our goal is closer!!






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