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05 Dec '19 0

‘Valderrubio: Neuroactive City’. A current reality

‘Valderrubio: Neuroactive City’ is a current reality. Our new health project has been presented this week on a full City Council.

It is a citizenship science project included into the Fundación Descubre program ‘Andalucía, mejor con ciencia’.

Today we have celebrated our Brain Party. Our students have prepared several workshops that have shown how our brain works and how we can keep it active. For instance, IT Neuro-challenges and Neuro-tips workshops; Neurodiversity and Emotional Health seminars; Neurosensorial development roundtables,…

Our youngest members have become Mental Health promoters and Healthy Habits educational agents. The public that attended to these workshops had got many ideas and advices to improve their lives and provide a more active life to their brains.

If you want to know more about this project, here you can read a news release that explains the details of this exciting adventure.






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