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26 Jan '20 0

Training workshop with neuropsychologist experts

One of the most expected moments in our project just arrived: the training workshop with neuropsychologist experts from the AISSE Centre. Our experts advise and, at the same time, they collaborate on training the community involved in the project, especially our youth.

AISSE started up on 2012 with one social goal: to develop initiatives that will collaborate with the interdisciplinary model of attention for people that have suffer different types of injuries on the nervous system. AISSE has developed many projects such as the Synergy Centre or the clinical neuroscience training program.

In this session, Paula Iglesias and Laura Collado have been working with our students and teachers to introduce them to the cognitive functions and the neurodevelopment. They used dynamic workshops that favor an active learning by means of numerous collaborative group dynamics.

For us, it has been a real luxury these training sessions because we have understood how our brain works and which activities could help us to keep a good mental health.

Here we post some pictures about our work session. We are looking forward to the next session that it is focus on neurodevelopment and its relationship with movement. That sounds good, don´t believe?




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