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02 Oct '20 0

The Neuroactive City during Covid-19 [time]

We got back to work in our classrooms after several months of confinement and the first encounters with our student body showed us how intensely they had navigated the pandemic events. The way to face the numerous changes occurred in their lives and the ways to face the return to the school are so varied as the diversity of people involved. The most common feeling has been excitement to come back and especially the reunion with their schoolmates. The mental health of our children is a priority more than ever.

We have noticed that our students have lived the return to [the] school from different emotional platforms, especially fear and joy. Along the later days many of our boys and girls are experiencing emotional jumps from one platform to the other, going through anger, anxiety, happiness,…

Our students have arrived to completely different classrooms. Strict protocols of safety distance where previously there was not room for social distances. Classrooms where everybody is wearing masks and where they are received with a thermometer and hidroalcoholic gel. This is not the school they left six months ago. This situation definitively has affected their attitude in and towards the center during the first weeks of class.


All members of the Valderrubio Citizen Science Project were looking forward to get back to work and to continue developing our social entrepreneurship initiatives that were unfinished because the Covid-19 appearance in our lives. However, the way to continue with these projects it could not be the same. In our Neuroactive City Project the effect was especially significant due to many of our actions were based on social relationships and cohesion tasks; tasks related to the importance of handling for cognitive development and tasks related to the intergenerational contact. Now, our project faces more difficulties than ever and, however, its actions are more required than they were before this crisis; there is a need of focus on population Health and Mental Care that navigate us to look for creative solutions and keep developing our actions in order to make our Neuroactive City a reality.

Do you remember where our work was left? This video will help you to start over:



We have started to work with the understanding that we need to keep the safety distance to be closer than ever. Our first action was to analyse our initial difficulties, opportunities, threads and strengths in order to bring our project to fruition. After this analysis we plan our actions to put in motion our Neuroactive City again.

Go for it!



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