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02 Feb '20 0

Playing improves the brain

(Text written by Alejandra Ruiz and Julia Fuentes – 4th Grade)

Before to start the project ‘Valderrubio, Neuroactive City’, our class was already working to knowloged our brain, in order to propose actions that will be help to improve our cognitive functions. In this sense, when we were at 3rd Grade we investigated which games would be helped to develop our brain and how they do it. We selected several brain games and we connected them with some parts or brain’s functions. We get back to that work and propose some ideas for the team that is working on the city re-designing community actions. Here there are some ideas.

ajedrez 1


In this project we researched about games for brain development and we specialized about on Rubik’s cube. We discovered that trying to solve Rubik’s cube works on executive brain functions such as direction, planning, and it also helps with the attention… Some schoolmates are making digital illustrations related with other games like Chess, Cranium, Dobble, etc. Now we just need the development of our videogames and show them at the Health’s week held by the Valderrubio City Council. Here you can see a digital illustration about Rubik’s cube where we want to communicate all that we learned on the Health’s week and our message “Playing is health”



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