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12 Jan '20 0

¡Planning! Executive functions big challenge

One of the most important elements in order to turn our Neuroactive City into a reality is the active participation of our youngest members on the search for solutions, developing a healthy brain and a better emotional and mental wellness.

In this sense, the first step is to know how our brain works, our cognitive functions and the healthy habits we should have taken into account. We took advantage of Valderrubio’s Health Week as starting line for a wonderful project about Healthy Habits for our brain that we have called ‘Healthy Brain and Body’.

mapa-cerebroWith our goal in mind we started our first investigation task to answer several questions that have been arise. As usual, the project map has been our first challenge and finally it has resulted into a whole and professional map.

tareas-cerebro 3

This Symbaloo is going to be very useful, in addition to our search on books and asking experts or visiting Granada Science Park. Always remember to research and to experiment with scientific accuracy. Click here.



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