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03 Feb '21 0

Functional neuropsychology: training our social agents

One of the most important elements of our project relies on a complex topic such as cognition. This topic has become the center of our community. Since the beginning of this adventure, one of the main challenges to accomplish was to face community actions with the rigour that our project needs.

Taking this into account, it was proposed an early training phase for the comminity agents involved: the student body, the faculty and also the general population. In this sense, it has been undertaken several training actions. For us, AISSE neuropsicologists participation in our project has been an incredible opportunity to improve our knowledge about mental health. On the other hand, one of the most important training activities for us, it has been the Functional Neuropsicology Course that our coordinators have received from the I-NEURO Group. It has been a real pleasure to show that our project is load with tones of love for our work, our childhood, our environment, our elderly, … and, of course, for science.

curso NEF

curso NEF

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