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11 Feb '21 0

Communication of healthy habits for an active brain

During these weeks we are in the last phase/stage of the project ‘Valderrubio, Neuroactive City’. These months ahead, the focus of our work is placed in scientific dissemination actions that allows citizens of any age, get closer to healthy habits and maintain an active and healthy brain.

The focus or our project has always been to involve citizens into the management of their own habits. Thus, people would be able to find opportunities to take care of themselves in a daily basis. In order to achieve this goal, dissemination activities should be generalized and they should be accessible and close to the public.

Cartel Cognición y Movimiento

‘Valderrubio, Neuroactive City’ has celebrated some educational and training talks in order to get closer the healthy habits to people all age groups. Healthy habits that science supports for the care of the brain. This week the theme of these talks is a keystone of our project: The improvement of cognition linked to movement. Several talks and activities devoted to  child, youth, adults and elderly people have been performed. Now we are aware of importance of keeping an active life, which allows us to get an active brain at any age.


On-line talks have been a success with attendees of all ages. In addition, the part that our children and young people liked the most was the one that allowed them to experiment with games and the body to improve cognition. The groups involved have been able to test, with the help of our experts, which activities better fit to their age and environment, in order to be included into our Decalogue of neuroactive cities.

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