About our community


Four years ago, we started a process of transformation from a traditional school with no contact with the area to a school strongly connected with the community around it and deeply involved in the main decisions that affect our pupils’ everyday lives.Our mission was to establish a “Childhood Council” that participates in the process of decision-making on issues of local life such as the design of Parks, the public library or the use of common public facilities like the Health Centre or the Town Hall. Our school became a model for the endorsement of healthy habits and fostered the coordination of a regional network of schools that collaborate towards healthy habits among young people. The network won the 2019 National Award for Learning and Service, for its work in preventing childhood obesity. Our youth have become aware of how necessary it is to foster a good physical health, and they have done an outstanding job at it.

However, they have realised that mental health and welfare remains an issue for the government and society and large. We resolved to create our most beloved project that tackles these new challenges: ‘Neuroactive City2020’.